Remember the last season of Buffy…

When she is constantly giving speeches and it becomes a hilarious running gag that she is speeching everybody? Pretend I’m Buffy.

No wait, Scooby Gang- I’m no Buffy. I don’t have her reflexes, her cute clothes, or polished heels. I don’t hunt the undead with Mr. Pointy or snappy quips. I don’t even have a speech. I just have some sentences that may or may not form an intelligible paragraph.

And a dream.

Oh I have a dream. It involves ice cream and Jesus and Mark Walhburg dancing a waltz to a tune of 6/8 wearing chimpanzee costumes.  In that dream, you are there too. With hats. Many hats. Like this fellow:

The ability to wear hats is a time honored tradition in numerous cultures.

These hats, well they were funny to say the least. Some were duck hats, some where cheese hats, others where tamborine hats. We laughed at the hats we wore and shared them with Marky Mark (how he prefers to be addressed), and Jesus made horacha. It was wonderful! Let’s raise our mugs to horacha and share some hats!


~ by ambur on June 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Remember the last season of Buffy…”

  1. I never watched all the seasons of Buffy especially and including the last season.

  2. I would love to wear funny hats and dance with you. You can have Marky Mark and I will take Tony Danza.

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