evolutionary evangelical OR blindness of rock and glass

the idea that yoga is a fashion to wear on ones sleeve just as an interest in rockabilly… could it be said that modern yogi women are in the same category as those who dress as pinup?

spiritual fashion, showing so much on the outside who what is on the inside?

broken peaces of culture around your neck with the excuse of evolution

where is the truth?

you say its so heavy, it bleeds out to fall on skin, but i say true eyes can see only what’s within

diluted passion

clothed in

spiritual fashion

covered in condensation lost without the tools of vaporization

found in the closet kissing face with sexual racism you deny

three blind mice stumbling with sheep

treading to spaces so ignorant to speak

oh these night cloud fairy tales round fire rocks we bend

so close to hear the crackling of the twig with old woman throat

forget the fox, you who be your own barred teeth

that drip drop saliva coating ego of a tongue

licking lips

growling tummy

awaiting the moment to consume, to process, to pulse cells under skin again

the window to the world of depravity shows the incestuous relationship between ministry and collective escapism from norms

that become a norm

that was nare far from


runway, walkway, store front figurines pontificating on pulpits preaching

on empty

on catchphrase hip language

on hats and badges and earrings so smooth

casting a shadow of accolade upon the soul


~ by ambur on July 6, 2010.

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