I like housing and pictures of housing. I especially get excited at floor plans. Sometimes I spend hours looking at craigslist for interesting places I may want to live. (Did you know Sacramento has very reasonable housing? 1400 for a 4 bedroom, two bath WITH FENCED YARDS????)

Then, I found this home:

A Swimming Moat would offer an opportunity for residents to relax in their pool, do laps or invite friends and neighbors over for a pool party. But at night, or when homeowners are away from home, the pool becomes a moat. Drawbridges are raised. Unauthorized entry is effectively discouraged, since burglars do not wish to contemplate climbing slippery walls in wet running shoes, balancing delicate electronic appliances overhead. Posted signs suggest the added possibility of serious electric shock. The sign would be false. If it were not, cats, dogs and squirrels – or drunk revelers who climbed the fence – would be electrocuted.

You should know, I have absolutely no permission to use this image or the words associated with it. I hope Ja Rule will protect me.


~ by ambur on July 7, 2010.

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