Smell the Mission

24th street smells of the most succulent pork carnitas. My nose feels out the texture of the tender shredded meat mixed with those soft little dollops of fat. I found myself on this olfactory playground while waiting for my car to pass a smog check and receive a well deserved oil change.

On this particular Mission constitutional, I realized I was near Humphrey Slocombe, an ice cream parlor dedicated to strange and unusual ice cream concoctions. I wander in and hear myself as for the ‘Elvis”. Between flavors of peanut butter and banana, bacon crumbles between my teeth. Quickly realizing that Bacon has now jumped the shark like the TV sitcom of the 70’s/80’s I try the Magnolia Stout- an ice cream brew of beer and cream. There aren’t many positive things I can say about this flavor except that it was over in one bite. Then my eyes fell upon the Miso Peach.

DELISH! Fantastic winning ice cream! As I sat at the counter looking out the window at the bums, the passerbys in hoodies, and the kids wearing parkas I had an epiphany of the San Francisco ice cream culture. The temperature rarely rises above 57 degrees even in July. For ice cream to succeed in such a cold foodie city, it can’t just be Vanilla or chocolate. No, it has to be strange and filled with weird ingredients and that one would be willing to risk frost bite or hypothermia for.

Praise Allah, I was able to get my basil crusted sardine curried ice cream covered in chicken prune chutney! Don't know how I ever lived without experiencing that taste!


~ by ambur on July 7, 2010.

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