So I am working on a graphic novel…

Some of you may know bits and pieces about it, so let me give you the low down on the “tail”.

This past Spring, I went to Wondercon, SF’s comic book convention of wonderful mythic and indie proportions. I went there for a couple reasons: a) I love the medium of comics, another post I will geek on why I think this is such an amazing form of literature b) I wanted to find an artist who wanted a project to do and would work for free.

Crazy as a hatter, brilliant writer, my hero- Grant Morrison

I ended up going on this “writer/artist” speed dating thing. Basically a room full of writers and artists are in a big room, they get numbers, and they rotate to meet each other and see if they click artistically. I met some real bozos, the guy who wants everything full colour and ultra realistic (so problematic for many reasons), a couple of people that were so socially awkward I felt bad that they had to deal with all the sounds and lights, and others who wanted to be paid for their work. Then I meet this guy Zon. He’s an artist who is a writer as well. We clicked. He was willing to go full steam into a project that I’ve had in my head for a couple of years.

"I Kill Giants"- a simply heartbreaking tale of love and loss.

Note the following: a project I’ve head in my head for years. I have a good amount of material written and ready for art, but to be honest for those works, there is only one artist that I want to touching those tales and he is currently busy. So I decide to go with Mittons, the Extraordinary Kitten. Its a transformation tail and I’ve loved the scenes in my mind for years. So I thought, hell, I’ll go with that one- not knowing everything about the story or the character, only the beats of the story spine.

Zon’s great. He’s a fine artist, has fantastic comic aesthetic, a writers mind, great cinematography, and is devoted to becoming an artist in the field. He’s got an amazing head for marketing. Basically he is everything I’m not. Sure, I’ll walk into a comic book store and talk with the owners to get my stuff on the shelf, but real internet and world marketing… I haven’t a clue. He got us signed up for the APE Conference on October. That in itself is crazy exciting. Lots of people in the indie world of comics will be there looking at all the new up and coming artists, books, and writers. It will be a gift in and of itself to be there.

From "Jimmy Corrigan- the Smartest Kid on Earth" not all comics are about super heros. Many are very psychological in nature.

So that brings us back to the story. The first chapter is written and has been given to the artist. It will be 32 pages when done. A good size for the reader and for publishers to gander upon. It needs to be done by the end of September so we can edit and print copies. To help meet that deadline I will be shading, shadowing, and doing the lettering- a few things I didn’t expect to do, but am incredibly excited to do!

So that’s the haps there… its going to be a busy few months diving into this project fully!


~ by ambur on July 10, 2010.

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  1. I am so amazingly proud of you and how awesome you are.

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