Burning Pan: The Tomato!

A few months ago in a Portero Hill Apartment overlooking the city, a delightful gathering called Burning Pan burnt its first pan. We come together, cook, share recipes, knowledge, wine, and laughter. However, we do adhere to a few simple yet very important rules:

1) Make it here 2) Make it fresh 3) Make it fun!

Since then themes from Thai, Cute Woodland Creatures, and Greenery have graced our plates. All this has been created  in the name of culinary delight. Last night’s theme was the Tomato.

Ah, the tomato in its natural habitat. My kitchen. Whose gonna chop you? Grenache is gonna chop you!

Its a tough theme, when I came up with it I was wondering what everyone would do. The tomato is such a specific taste and flavor and to be inundated with noting but a 7 course tomato dinner seemed like it could be overwhelming. However the Burning Pan Chefs created dishes that not only complemented each other, but honored the fruit itself.

Two of our heros, Reading and Adam armed with sundries!

From two types of pizza (crust homemade that NIGHT, mind you), two types of stuffed tomatoes (one chilled filled with feta and the other spicy and full of Indian panache), a garlicy egg tomato sammy, a salad,  a delightful pesto brusetta,a and a bolognese that was perfect we were set into an evening of amazing food and fantastic conversation.

Scientific Fact: People love to be in the kitchen.


~ by ambur on July 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Burning Pan: The Tomato!”

  1. oooh! that does sound like fun! you should try doing something like “circle” or “day dreams” for a theme. just to see what happens.

  2. Or, “fighting scurvy” and “Ginger V. Mary Ann”

  3. i see lots of citrus happening in either of those options.

  4. Is that bad?

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