Fixing Braveheart.

I had a dream last night about fixing Mel Gibson. ‘Fixing’ would only be the word to describe it. I was trying to fix him. He was acting insane, and there was some reason why.  I was going to figure it out, and then, I was going to fix him. Like a broken toy or cat. He was going to get fixed.
I am sitting here now, because I have this feeling in my heart that he can be fixed to work properly. He won’t yell and cheat and be anti-Semitic. I hate and love dreams like that. I have hope in my heart, but my brain is telling me I won’t feel like this tomorrow after I have that reoccurring dream of my teeth falling out during Armageddon and Nick Rage is ravaging me with his greasy locks.


~ by shooteverybody on July 16, 2010.

One Response to “Fixing Braveheart.”

  1. you want THIS mel gibson:

    and not this mel gibson:

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