The Unicorn Horse Faced Man of Juniper, NE

Horse face people.

They have a negative wrap. How you say? Here’s my theory: one day a little boy who liked a sweet little girl who resembled the most gallant of steads, called her horse face (since little boys do mean things to girls they like). Unknown to the little boy, she hated horses. Being thrown off at the age of 4, landing in horse poo, and breaking an arm made her hate the normally gentle creature she so mirrored. She took offense, cried, and through her actions taught others that looking like a horse was a negative thing.

Then along comes Richard, the man with the unicorn face.

Richard had grown up with parents who often played D&D and garnered an appreciation for the more imaginary things of life. So as a young man, when bulled by a particular mean blond haired girl with a lisp who called him horse faced, he replied: “Nay, unicorn horse faced! Such a stead I am proud to be compared to!”

So the next time you make fun of Sara Jessica Parker, recall the noble mythical creature that we consider beautiful.


~ by ambur on July 22, 2010.

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