Slow build of philosophy OR how themes are created

There are holes in time where humans have a moment, a breath to jump from time to time. These moments are precious and strange and not for the faint of heart. In fact to experience these moments one must be a bit mad.

To experience time travel is not what we have seen in film. In fact they are quiet ordinary. One may be sipping tea or driving in a car when they travel time. The experience allows the user the privilege of feeling their physical body completely, yet at the same moment they live some where else.

It is confusing and wonderful. One cannot explain what they saw to the average person without seeing utterly mad, yet the moments the traveler experience are quiet real and so some degree quantitative with history.

As it is with most mad people, those who time travel cannot truly explain themselves. They are confused for derelicts and dysfunctional types whose minds are broken and should be sheltered from the rest of the heathy brains. It is the difficult trial of science and shaman to discern the honest from the broken.

YET, neither has really created a strong model to compare or contrast. Leaving those whose souls explore the deep reaches of the strange universe to be condemned with those whose minds are broken by sickness and drug abuse.

THIS is the deepest sadness that afflicts the human race today. We cannot discern those who travel the realms of the etheric from those who are sick.


~ by ambur on September 7, 2010.

One Response to “Slow build of philosophy OR how themes are created”

  1. it is my growing belief that the only difference is that those who are sick become sick because the rest of their experience gives them nothing to hold onto; with no context at all for their experience, something snaps. they are told they are sick, and so they believe, and since, in the ether, belief is all there is, a whirlpool forms.

    shamans, on the other hand, know that there is another option, and find strength in the idea that something about what they see is a gift.

    so keep teaching that myth and magic are alive, sister.
    it’s work that heals.

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