Jeepers was in his 50’s. A homeless man with a body chiseled by thirty odd years living with the elements. Nature does something to man’s physic, his mind, his emotions. To Jeepers, it made him longer and leaner in body and face. His dark skin scrapped and eroded by wind leaving his cheeks a rocky desert.

I saw him one morning, early an hour after sunrise while I was walking down 16th street. He had found a leaf blower. Perhaps it was left in a free pile on a sidewalk, or maybe a city worker gave it to him as a joke, or perhaps he stole it. He was wielding that leaf blower with the ferocity of a man who believes he has found his call in life. It was if the leaf blower was a key into a society that banished him. He blew the leaves with a determination to prove he belonged in the world of the worker. Yet, as he spun around the leaves blew in a swirl and attached themselves to his long brown coat making him look like a giant bird. He turned off the leaf blower. A wide smile full of pride looked to the people passing saying “Look, I’m just like you! I did something! I am making the world better!” Yet, to those people, Jeeper’s attempt at normality looked like nothing more then a crazy man with a leaf blower.


~ by ambur on September 14, 2010.

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