Captain Butternut to the Rescue!

It happened upon the 25th Wednesday of the year of our Lord 2010, little miss Margaret Cuff found herself without the personal use of an Acorn Squash. It went a little like this:

Little Miss Margie was prancing in the kitchen
Dreaming of foodsies to prepare
She scanned the fridge and found a yummy ripe pear!
“Ah, such a sweet treat for the earth to speak” she sang,
“The flavors, spices, and herbs I cannot but wait to share!”
To the cupboard she went, with hope in her heart
To find the acorn squash to cut apart.
“Some olive oil, a bit of rum, to the oven and
Creeeaaaaak went the door and her eyes scanned to see
An empty spot where the acorn should be!
“NO!” She cried, “Sweet merciful Nick Cage! Where is my squash, now all I have is Nick Rage!”
She stomped and she sighed! She yelled and she cried! Then she fell to the floor sad and empty inside.
A knock to the door, a waft of autumn decor, a clearing of throat that sounded forlorn
“who can this be, in my time oh so sad?” she asked as she picked herself up and came to a stand
The door she opened, and who but stood there?
But the one, the only, CAPTAIN BUTTERNUT to prepare!
He took off his hat, and looked shy to the ground
“Sweet Lady Margaret, if but you will slice me and dice me to bite sized little rounds,
I’d be so grateful to have you eat me. It would be like heaven, joining you and me.”
She ushered him inside and let him shower in the sink and had a lovely night cooking the most wonderful treat!


~ by ambur on September 16, 2010.

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