answer to question 11

I saw the world as I once was
Drawn in dirt and spread upon
Like children laying angel prints
In snow so fresh, cheeks turn crisp

Then a wind mighty blew
Gathering flakes that melt to dew
On grass green morning glory paws
The drop shimmered and gathered awe

We turned to words and mouths shaped sounds
We turned trees and with eyes closed down
We shaped the shapes from fever dreams of yore
All masters degrees in science of soul

A language learned to young to speak
Drives down deep into fiery quick
The pips and squeaks of childish talk
Are fed with milk and hands held to walk

So once again we all turn in
We twirl and whirl waiting for life to begin
We learn the words and hope we speak
Yet our words are not a keep

Her words she sang, all ivory dress and rose wild hair
I heard her and her simple tale
I wake, I sleep, I love, I lost
I write words down to loose them naught
Yet in those weaves, those yarns, those threads
There is a truth layered deeper like lovers in bed
We’ll play these parts and spin round and round, until our sides burst and pieces fall to the ground for birds and bugs to eat! Then we’ll play new parts until we find our way to these arms, to these legs, to these hearts beating in bodies of meat and bone. We’ll spin and burst forever, just never forget that we are spinning love


~ by ambur on September 20, 2010.

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