They sat in a tree at dusk…

They sat in a tree at dusk. The sky was a warm smoldering red falling off the world into some unexplored void. The one with the broken eyes kicked at bugs flying around. Legs in the air, free from the ground, yet still bound by gravity. The one who lives through an eternal hour of a god wished he could feel such carefree pleasure.

Underneath a small figure paced. The creature had walked for years to speak to these two. Now, with wisdom so close it was too frightened to speak. A peep was unheard of! All the questions the creature had, forgotten. All the ideas, theories, dreams, feelings, hunches, manifestations of angels and demons alike- the creature was unable to put to words. As he shuffled his feet in the soft green grass that was beginning to dampen with after evening dew, he began to feel something new. Something unsettling. He began to think all of his pursuits and pathways meaningless.

“I have always wanted to know,” the creature’s voice startled himself, for he didn’t realize his cords had begun to vibrate. “an answer.”
Somewhere an owl hooed. Fireflies warmed up their lights, ready for a night of exploration. The sky darkened suddenly, or perhaps the creature just noticed the lack of light.
The one with broken eyes spoke, “Answers are silly! You never get the answer you want! The questioning is the fun part! Do you have any candy?”
“No” replied the creature.
“See, I didn’t like the answer, but I loved the hope and the wonder it gave to me.”

The creature removed its necklace. He raised it up to the creature that lives an eternal hour of a god.
“I don’t have much, but this necklace. It isn’t made of fine jewels or precious metals, but it was given to me by my mother. I have traveled far and studied many books. I have heard whispers of the two in the tree, which can give me the understanding of life. I have searched for you across snow and green pastures for many suns, moons, and stars. Please, take this small offering and teach me.”

The silence that followed from the creature that lives an eternal hour of a god, was filled with the sounds of the night. The warm breeze playing through the leaves, the chirping of crickets, a soft roll of thunder from miles away, and the alien muffled giggles of the one with broken eyes.
“Hemehehmehehemhehehehe! How neat!” said the one with broken eyes.
“You want to learn? You wish for me to teach you? Very well. My first lesson is this: I do not want your necklace- yet. My second lesson is this: you must take my eyes and eat them. My third lesson will only be spoken once you have swallowed my eyes.”
“Your eyes, but that is barbaric! In all the things I have read-“
“I don’t care about what you think you have read. You asked me to teach you, this how things of this nature must be taught,” it paused for a moment, “are you willing to learn?”
The creature thought for a moment. It thought about the lives it had led, the ideas it had learned thru intuition, words, and those he thought wise. He thought about the emptiness he would feel if he turned away now.
“Yes, do you have any pepper?”
The one who had lived the eternal hour of a god smiled, “Humour, good! Climb up this tree and take my eyes!”
Up the creature climbed onto the branch where the two in the tree sat. It looked into the eyes of the one who had lived the eternal hour of a god and quickly snatched out its eyes and popped them into its mouth. As the creature chewed three things happened at once: the one with broken eyes smiled and as it began to disappear it softly murmured, “hehehehe, what next!?”; the one who had previously lived the eternal hour of a god shifted itself down the branch and giggled to itself because it now was without vision and without answers and therefore excited about all possiblites of the universe; and the creature who had come on a journey of a lifetime, now swallowing the eyes of one who lived the eternal hour of a god, tasted the bitterness of knowing all the answers and still not feeling satisfied because, until someone took its place, its journey was done.


~ by ambur on September 20, 2010.

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