The Tale of Stone Frog and Little Frog

Once upon a time there was a little green tree frog who was very shy. He never played with the other frogs in the trees or in the water ponds because he didn’t know what to say or how to act. He saw their joy and their laughter and thought that they would make fun of him.

One day while watching the others play, he decided he would go on a hop by himself. He hopped and he hopped through the night and hoot owl calls into the dawn until he found himself in a cluster of wild flowers and the largest frog he’d ever seen!

The giant grey frog sat all alone amidst the marigold and lavender flowers. Little frog was very nervous, yet was filled with a curiosity he’d never felt before: he had only known of one lonely frog- himself. He wondered if this frog was like him and if so, maybe the giant grey frog was also scared of being made fun of. So he gathered up all his courage and said, “Hello.”

Stone frog said nothing, so little frog continued, “Yeah, I’m not much for words either. May I sit with you a bit? I’m pretty tired from hopping so much.” Stone frog starred silent at little frog, which little frog took as an invitation. He smiled and settled in between stone frog and a small red and white mushroom.

They both sat quietly for some time, all the while little frog stole glances at stone frog. Eventually little frog began to speak, “What’s your favorite food? Mine is flies dipped in clover honey.” Stone frog stood still. “I also really like to swim! And sometimes I hop over rocks like this!” Little frog showed stone frog his very best hopping! Little frog landed at stone frogs flippers, “You are really easy to talk to! Wanna hear about the time i jumped 62 lilly pads?” So little frog told stone frog all about the 62 lilly pads, the giant oak leaves he climbs on, and his favorite tree. Little frog became more and more comfortable making conversation. Eventually little frog grew tired of talking and asked, “Would you like to play a game?”

Stone frog was silent in reply. “Okay, let’s have a staring contest!” So they stared deep into one another’s eyes until little frog blinked! “You win! Boy you’re good! Now lets see who can hold their breath the longest!” Little frog held his breath until his whole face turned bright blue! Exhaling he exclaimed, “Wow, you’re really good at games!” he paused, “You know, I’ve never talked or played games with anyone before. I’ve watched all the other little frogs, but I didn’t join because I thought they would be mean and make fun of me. But you’re really nice, it makes me think that I should ask to play with the other little frogs.

Stone frog sat in silent ponder. “Wow you are so wise,” said little frog, “I should go back and try to play with the other little frogs!”

So little frog hopped his way home, through the night and hoot owl calls to the dawn of morning where he arrived to see all the little frogs hopping and playing with one another. He saw a frog eating flies dipped in clover honey for breakfast. Little frog smiled and hopped over “Hi, that’s my favorite breakfast too! Do you want to swim with me when you’re done?”
“Of course! Have a fly first!”
“Thank you!”

And so little frog played with all the little frogs for the rest of his days.


~ by ambur on September 23, 2010.

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