Shirley’s Cakes

Shirley hated cake.
That’s right.
She hated the frosting, the sweet sugar smell, the crumbs, and the way it made her mouth dry.

She hated birthday cake, especially the pink and yellow frosting balloons. “Frostings bitter!” She’d exclaim after running her fingers through the good.

She hated holiday cakes:
“That doesn’t look like a Christmas Tree!”
“Rabbits aren’t fat! NOR lay eggs!”
“Columbus didn’t discover America, the Vikings did! This cake is a historical fallacy!”

Shirley’s hatred of all cakes imaginable soon got on the nerves of her friends and family.
In regards to her little brother’s ‘First Day of School Cake’, “Baby-girl”, her mother began, “the frosting is merely an interpretation of what a school bus looks like.”
“I like realism in my cake, mother.”
“But you hate cake.”

“Shirley, I love cacti! Its what I want on my birthday cake!”
“Um, we live in Michigan. Cacti are not indigenous to our ecosystem! You want a cacti, move to Nevada!”
“But, we’re best friends!”
“Are we Greta? Are we?”

While helping her grandmother weed the flower garden, “Shirley if you hate cake so much, just don’t eat it!”
“But Grandma, maybe one day, one marvelous day, I’ll find a cake that is perfect! From taste, to frosting, and right down to the perfect occasion!”
“Well you might have to make that cake yourself!”
A light bulb went on.
Then a spotlight.
THEN a star supernovaed in a far off galaxy!
Shirley knew what she had to do!

She ran into the kitchen and began tearing through the cabinets. She grabbed flour, sugar, vanilla, chocolate, eggs, and butter! Then she found the measuring cups, spoons, bowls, and a pan to bake the batter.
She mixed.
She smelled.
She tasted the batter until she thought it was perfect.
Into the oven the pan went. While it baked she began mixing the frosting: butter, powered sugar, cream cheese, and orange zest. She mixed until it was smooth and creamy!

Then she took the cake out of the oven and paced the kitchen while it cooled. By this time her family noticed what she was doing and gathered to watch. Her little brother ran to tell the neighborhood kids, who all came and peered in through the kitchen windows.

Once the cake was cool she slathered it in the frosting. It looked simple. No pine trees, no cacti, no Columbus.
Just cake and frosting.
“Perfect,” she whispered.

Everyone’s mouths were watering at the scent. Shirley cut the cake and passed out a slice for everyone. The room was silent as they waited for her to take the first bite.
Shirley held the dish and fork.
She took a deep breath and then dug her fork into the moist cake and took a bite.
Her eyes closed, “Yum!” She murmured, mouth full of cake.

Everyone ate and loved her cake! From that day forward Shirley made everyone’s cakes.



~ by ambur on September 30, 2010.

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