November Tales: Marvin the Pantyhose Guy

In a little town, nestled in the northwest corner of a certain state, in a certain country, in a certain time period similar to our own, there lives a local man everyone knows.

His name is Marvin the Pantyhose Guy.

Marvin is looks to be in his 40’s, but he could be younger. Bad nutrition and general loneliness tends to age people. He also must fall a lot because he always wears a helmet.

Marvin walks around town everyday going to the grocery store and looking at the meat. Strolling through the hardware store weighing hammers. Going to the bank asking for stamps.
And always, and I mean always, when he sees a woman in a skirt he asks them,
“Are you wearing pantyhose?”
No matter the answer, be it yes or no he always responds back with,
“Can I touch your pantyhose?”

Most people think he is dangerous, but they fail to recognize that he is wearing a helmet. Anyone wearing a helmet on a daily basis cares about safety and most likely the safety of others.

So the next time you see Marvin, let him touch your pantyhose. It makes him smile.


~ by ambur on November 4, 2010.

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