November Tales: Fear and Pasta

Oh dear sweet readers, gather around my fireplace of lore to hear a tale about me. Let us tale a break from the funny pictures and ruminate on a mildly unsettling quirk I’ve silently carried during my life.

I am scared of everything.
Most normal things elicit some sort of fear based response in me. Case in point, tonight I made pasta, but before I boiled it I carefully looked through it to make sure there weren’t bugs in it. Then I carefully looked through each dry pasta strand to make sure there were no bug eggs laying in wait inside the pasta.

This happens often.
Not just with pasta.

Everything I eat, I presume bugs are in it and search the food carefully. When I was younger I was convinced worms lived in bratwurst and I flat out refused to eat the stuff. I scrutinize cereal and worry about the interiors of apples. I refuse to eat loose meat because I can’t help but think it is full of beetles.

Now, I realize that this is absolutely insane, but it has become a part of my life. I am not hindered, and many of you have seen my luscious Amish birthing hips, so clearly I’m not finding bugs.
And that is my point. I inspect each meal, each item, before I eat it to make sure it is bug free.


~ by ambur on November 11, 2010.

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