One, two, elevensies…

My feet are cold, despite the electric heating unit blowing burnt air
they are only cold because I want to go to bed

what I want turns my feet cold

Oh cold feet chasing carrots!
It seemed so simple once, before we behaved as lab rats.

Sure, I love cheese as much as the next imprinted mouseman, “but man, you gotta listen to me. The maze, *he looks around, upset* man, the maze- that shit is rigged! Painful walls, heated tiles, and sometimes… *his frantic voice slows, he looks you dead in the eye* …sometimes… sometimes, the cheese bites back.”

Hear, lift your sleeve.
Yeah, I’ve seen this before.
Cheese bruise.
What are you doing, young man? Chasing cheese everyday? You have so much potential! You could draw a picture or build a table! Maybe even plant an apple tree!
Yet you go back to the maze everyday.
You chase the cheese.

My feet are still cold.
I am still out of bed.
I chase my dreams and always stay near awake so not to let them fully in my grasp.
But tonight, let me drink a deep sleep and embrace a long forgotten dream.


~ by ambur on November 3, 2011.

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