“Oh the Chaos!”

She screamed as a cat walked across her face and she lay upon the floor contemplating the narrowness of pond reeds.
I am not against aquatic foliage, its just that I think plants are just trying to show off. Land AND sea?
Come on.
Pick one.
Who do you think you are, leaves?
Yeah, you have one up on man. You can survive elemental duality. This is a transclimatic situation!
Perhaps man is not the culmination of earth’s evolutionary track.
We are kidding ourselves.
In fact, we are eating our plant over lord masters.

The radish, he was Buddha.
Krsna? A very tasty pear.
Jesus? Grapes? Of course!
I would consider a higher life from to be one that can exist in all of the elements.
Now that’s an argument for veganism I can get behind! Eat some lettuce, made of Hermes!

Transparency is respectable. I am more likely to join a movement that is truthful, “So remember how we said eating animals was wrong? Well what really meant was plants are god and we only want to eat them because we want to become gods.”
Sounds absurd, but read again.
Once more time, sparky.
The truth of our thoughts are so simple.


Truth is created.
There is a whole room ready for truth!
A house!
A forest!
An island!
A whole universe!

Truth to be created. To be mixed from water and air and everlasting love forged from a hidden glance in a late evening day dream where we passed walking with our lovers.
Dance the refusal of false dreams! Of tired hopes! Of aborted loves!
Dance remembrance and flowers! Dance the reality of suffering- because we wrote parts for harmony.

Fill your glass and drink with me.
A night of serious drinking may lead to an existence beyond the mean.


~ by ambur on November 6, 2011.

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