Behvie was a clumsy fool, but as most clumsy fools tend to be, she was fortunate.
Now, please don’t for a minute presume that I mean lucky. Fortune and luck are two very different things. Luck is an action we think happens to us, whereas in the case of fortune, we are well aware that we create the circumstances our consciousness abides in. Now one may jump to the misinformed conclusion that fortune will create perfect circumstances. That misnomer is based on the belief that we are highly enlightened beings that do no seek out stories within our own lives.

Fortunately, Behvie landed on her feet. When tripping over a root or a sugar cube, she always found herself right side up, despite numerous summersaults and transdimensional jumps. Risks that were taken, which were never calculated because she found that sort of math akin to dastardly witchcraft. Choices often made on the basis of a single question “will I die?”. Surprisingly, most things that the majority of humans would choose to do will not end in “die”. Unless they are considering a slumber party with a team of rattlesnakes on a waterbed.

But it was not always this way. There was a time that Behvie was just like you.
That’s right.
Now, please don’t presume that I think there is anything wrong with you. And if you ever begin to feel ill-will towards me, just remind yourself that I am nothing more then a voice in your head speaking to you. Then if you recall the teachings of proper psychologists: “don’t listen to the voices in your head”, you could verily not believe anything this voice is saying, and take these words with a grain of salt, just as you do with the other thoughts that prance throughout your brain on a light-speed basis.
Or you could believe your thoughts, invest in a nice high-quality cardboard, and find yourself a nice little nook in an underpass on 17th street.
But let’s not travel down that route. You cannot seduce fortune with paranoid delusions.
The day Behvie realized that simple truth, was the day her entire world changed.


~ by ambur on November 9, 2011.

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