I heard today was a special day, yet no one can tell me why.
Is it special because I woke to meditate?
Is it special because I had an extra sliver of butter on my toast?
Or because I got honey stuck in my hair instead of my tea?

I say everyday is special, unique, even a gift
To open your eyes once again to a reality many of us find a myth

Special to me is common, as ordinary as flies
Simple as the sand kissing perpetual tides
Equality of the moment, peaceful in the bliss
So to say this day is uniquely “special”, it’s a bit hit or miss

but my loves, please understand, I am all for celebration
join me in a daily dose, praising your strange creation!
why wait for auspiciousness, divine intention and the whack scientist to convince
why bate breathe for the obvious, a reason for you to exist?
if all the miracles were silent, would you still sit with them?
or would you learn a new language, without the pomp and obvious circumcision?


~ by ambur on November 11, 2011.

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